Commonly Asked Questions

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How should I water the turf?
Turf that has just been installed needs an inch of water every day during the summer months. If your area is experiencing natural rainfall, you will need to adjust the water you put on your turf accordingly. Once the turf has rooted into the soil (which happens after 10-14 days), the watering during warm months can be reduced to an inch of water every other day.

Will turf grow if it is in a shaded area?
Unfortunately, no turf out there will do well when grown in an area that is shaded for a long period of time. Our turf requires 4 hours or more of sunlight to grow properly. Keep in mind that turf that is in a shaded area for parts of the day will require less water.

Can you over-water your turf?
Yes. Thankfully new sprinkler systems have made it easier for people to not over water their lawns. If you have over watered your turf you will notice slimy looking turf, brown colored areas, and sometimes mildew on the blades of grass.

Can I wait a few days to install my turf?
No. Since turf is a perishable item, it needs to be installed as soon as it can be. This is especially true during warmer months, since turf that stays rolled up in warm weather can become discolored and start to brown.

How long after the turf has been installed should I wait before I can mow, and what is the appropriate height?
Normally we ask customers to wait 10 days to 2 weeks before they ever mow their turf. If the turf has grown 3 to 3 ½ inches before this timeline, mowing can take place.